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Original Bean Flour-Coated Sticky Rice Cake

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Original Bean Flour-Coated Sticky Rice Cake, Bean Flour-Coated Mugwort Sticky Rice Cake


As a bite-sized sticky rice cake in a small package, it is easy to eat at anytime, anywhere. It also can be used as the topping in porridge and ice dessert.
Both Original Bean Flour-Coated Sticky Rice Cake and Bean Flour-Coated Mugwort Sticky Rice Cake are made of Korean glutinous rice, and totally free from chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, and L-monosodium glutamate. Besides, as the both don't contain saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol, they are very healthy.
Moreover, since they are bite-size rice cakes packed in small package, it's easy and convenient to eat. Zipper bag package enables more convenient storage as well.


RodemFood is a professional food manufacturer specializing in fresh Korean-style congee with 17 years of history. We have been acknowledged for the superb taste and quality, supplying to various establishments, such as Congee franchises in the way of OEM, general hoaspital, traditional market, and restaurants. Also our own brands “Seoul Manim Porridge” and “OGAM Korean Burrito” have been steadily loved, by satisfying a wide spectrum of consumers’ tastes. Recently, we are even penetrating into major supermarkets through TV and Radio commercials

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Original Bean Flour Coated Sticky Rice Cake